Maidenhead Maps

The purpose of this site is to provide interactive maps for Maidenhead and the surrounding area. In particular, this site builds upon Google maps by adding specific local information (cycling/pedestrian routes, local facilities etc.).

The site has been seeded with some initial maps that I've created; I will continue to create new ones but I am hoping that other people will suggest new maps they would like to see or (even better) create & submit some of their own which I can link to from here. In the past, creating these maps was time consuming and required some coding skills but Google's 'My Maps' feature means that anyone with internet access can do it quickly and easily - please give it a go! If you need help creating a map then please follow this simple tutorial.

Featured Maps

Crossrail: Crossrail is the planned train service which will run from Maidenhead and Heathrow in the west, through London and through to Essex and Kent in the east. It also serves other local stations including Taplow, Burnham and Slough. Completion is planned in 2007.

Maidenhead to Windsor circular cycle route: A circular cycle route from Maidenhead to Windsor - as much as possible this avoids major roads. The outward journey takes you along the Jubilee River (passing the Dorney rowing lake which will be used in the 2012 Olympic Games) and the return leg is mostly along National Cycle Route #4 (which roughly follows the course of the Thames. Click on the individual markers to see detailed instructions as well as photos of the turns you need to take.

Traffic-free route to Legoland Windsor: If you follow the road signs for Legoland, you're likely to get stuck in traffic jams once you get to Windsor. This alternate route approaches Legoland from the other direction and avoids Windsor altogether.

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Maidenhead Maps

Maidenhead Maps